Monday, March 12, 2012

Anyone still out there?

It has almost been a year since my last blog and I was wondering.......Is anyone still out there? I am starting my weight loss journey again. I did not succeed at my goal last time but I refuse to just give up. I fell down for a bit but I'm back up!!! I am happy to say I have not gained all my weight back so this time my starting weight is 246lbs. Yup, 246lbs I said it. I am one of those people that do not tell their weight to anyone but this time I am putting it straight out there for everyone to see. Hopefully this will be the last time I say those numbers due to embarassment. I have an upcoming trip I planned to Vegas for my 30th birthday. I can not stand the thought of wearing my ankle Capri's with a black tank top and a black sweater on top in 110 degree weather. Nooo way! I want to be able to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt and be comfortable. I know  I only have a short period of time (2 months) to achieve my goal. That would be unrealistic but I'll be happy with whatever weight I shed, and will continue towards my goal after the trip as well. Any support is welcomed and I'm sure will keep me motivated! Thanks for reading guys. I will post again tomorrow. xoxo!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Giving it ONE last shot!

So as you all probably been wondering where I have been at..... I've been here, stuffing my face. I feel like a absolute failure but am not ready to lose this battle! Enough is freakin' enough man!!! I have no clue why I can not stay focused and shed these pounds. I think I am seriously addicted to food. It's there for me at all times, when I'm happy, sad, fustrated, excited.. you get the picture! Right now I am going through a whole shit load of stress, which I will let you guys in on, on upcoming blogs. I am going to start blogging again on a daily basis. I find that all your support really helped me out when I used to blog. I actually went to the market on my phone and see that there is a blogger app, so excited!!! That's gonna help me out alot. So I look forward to chatting with you guys everyday again and reading all your comments!!!!
So here we go!!!! Day 1!!!!! Off to the gym :)

Let you all know how it went later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's me, again.....

I'm back and refuse to give up on myself. I must say last week I did not get to go to the gym at all!!! I had cake order's every single day! This is alot for me being that I do it out of my house and do it alone. I also have to manage a family (homework, dinner, etc) I however do not want to continue to make excuses. I will be in the gym tonight regardless of how busy my day is. I must day that I do need some help staying motivated. I tend to find myself falling off in what I'm eating. How do I get my mind frame back in routine..... Ughh I feel lost and fed up but know that I need to get back on TRACK!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Good News: I have not gained any weight. Thank god! But nor have I lost any either. :(

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've missed my fellow bloggers.

So I fell off the wagon just a bit. But I refuse to stay down. I've hopped back up and jumped back into it. I missed a few gym day's last week but I started again today and refuse to miss again like I did. I was ashamed at first but I'm over that feeling. I missed Friday's weigh in cause I knew I probably did not lose anything. I weighed myself today and am actually greatful that even though there was no weight loss last week at least I didn't gain. :0)
I know its normal and I'm just more motivated to prove to myself that I can do this. I'm not weak and I can achieve this goal! I was looking through poems and one stood out so I thought I'd share it. Well hope all of you guy's are still doing great on your weight loss journeys. I will be catching up on all of your blogs. Sorry for disappearing. Have a great night and I'll catch up with you guy's again tomorrow. :::Pinky Promise:::

Today's Dreams Are
Tomorrow's Successes

Don't be afraid of high hopes
or plans that seem to be out of reach.
Life is meant to be experienced,
and every situation allows for
Motivation is a positive starting point,
and action places you on a forward path.
A dream is a blueprint
of a goal not yet achieved;
the only difference between the two
is the effort involved in attaining
what you hope to accomplish.
Let your mind and heart urge you on;
allow the power of your will
to lead you to your destination.
Don't count the steps ahead;
just add up the total
of steps already covered,
and multiply it by
faith, confidence, and endurance.
Always remember that
for those who persist,
today's dreams are transformed
into tomorrow's successes.
~ Kelly D. Caron ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I must admit... Horrible

I know when I'm doing good I'm so excited to write about and tell all.
Well this weekend sucked ass. I did horrible. I guess my loss threw me off. No idea why cause I know it's still a loss and I need to be happy about it. I was just totally off track with my diet this weekend. Don' t get me wrong it's not like I stuffed my face, but my decisions were just horrible. Chicken Penne over a Chicken salad! Horrible I say. I will be back at the good habits tomorrow though. I must tell you I feel nothing but guilt and FAT from eating that way. At least when I do eat good it also makes me feel great and motivates me to do better! Well just thought I'd update you guy's. Talk to you tomorrow.
Oh and Allan you never told me who you worked for?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dude Wtf ?!?!

Okay so I was excited all week for today's weigh in. I went to the gym everyday this week except for Monday. I even went Saturday and Sunday for the first time! My menu has been oatmeal for breakfast, veggie patty or tuna on a sandwich thin for lunch, Fiber one bar for snack, and for dinner everyday this week except for Monday, I've had a salad!!! When I stepped on the scale this morning my result was: 1.5 pounds down. REALLY DUDE??? I was in utter shock. I had to get off and step back on the scale like 2 times more. Nope, it wasn't budging on bit! So yeah really 1.5 pounds down and worked extra hard this week. I have no idea.....
So just thought I'd show you guy's the end result:

Ha ha ha!!! Just Kidding.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm on Fireee...

I totally forgot to post last night being that I posted MY Story! (New Tab) Well, all has been well. I have been eating great this week. Oatmeal for breakfast, Veggie patty on a sandwich thin for lunch, Salad for dinner, and a Fiber One bar for snack. Oh and don't let me forget water, water, water!!!!  I have been to the gym everyday so far and have done my 3 miles on the treadmill everyday. So I feel pretty good. I am hoping for a bigger weight loss this week and actually can't wait to weigh in tomorrow. :0) 

Good news! I'm buying a treadmill today. So now I can work out during the day at the gym and at night on the treadmill. Welll.... that's the plan. I must say I have my elliptical and still can't really use it. It hurts like hell!!! My knee's burn!!!!!!! I have no idea why the pain is bad. The only ONE time I did good is when I was watching the Biggest Loser.

So yesterday I got around to finally making some weight loss rewards for myself. I'm pretty excited about that. It gives me something to look forward too! Of course my hubby has no idea about lol lol

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So yesterday was a complete flop on my gym plans. Since Des actually had off from school because of Columbus Day we ended up spending the day together :) . I felt bad having to drag her to the gym with me on her day off. Plus, it was absolutely gorgeous outside! We ended up going pumpkin picking and brought along my niece. It turned out to be a great day. And even though I didn't make it to work out, I did still watch what I ate. :o)
On another note: I completely exposed myself lastnight. Shame on you, not in that way you freak! lol
I exposed my weight loss journey to my friends on facebook. I was embarrassed at first to the thought of them reading my blog and seeing what my starting weight was. But what the hell, I know that doing what I did will give me more motivation to never go backwards on this journey and continue to move forward! Just a little while ago I was also reading a blog post that made me realize what I did by exposing myself to other's was the right move. I can not stay in my comfort zone!! I haven't learned yet how to link a post since I am still kind of new to the blogging world so I copied and pasted it. It is as follows from

Expose Yourself

We all… each of us… have a comfort zone.

We think it’s where we’re safe, but the truth of the matter is that it’s our favorite hiding spot.

It’s where we retreat to when the going gets tough, where we fall back to when we feel most threatened.

I guess that what makes Michelle at Eating Journey’s
“Exposed” series so incredibly remarkable to me:  it asks folks not just to peek their heads out the door of their own personal hidey-holes, but to tear down the walls all around them.

A healthy percentage of weight-loss bloggers can’t (or won’t) show themselves on their sites. Some can’t even bring themselves to put their weight on their blog.

I wouldn’t show my ugly mug for the longest time, so I understand the pressure that keeps some wanting to stay completely anonymous.

But here’s what I’d say to you:  come out and play.

Blur your face if you feel you must, but take that next step and put a picture on your struggle.

It’ll help readers more solidly connect to your story, add a whole new level of accountability and show yourself (and the world) that you have nothing to hide.

Monday, October 11, 2010

1 slice isn't so bad, is it?

Another great weekend has passed. Can you believe I finally did it and went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday! I'm pretty excited about that. Yesterday I did have to actually force myself to go. It also didn't help at all that my husband wanted me to just stay home and relax with him. I felt horrible for leaving him but once I was there on that treadmill I felt awesome! A bit of self accomplishment. :0)
My food choices this weekend were pretty good I must say besides Friday. Friday's in my house are Pizza Friday's as Destiny (my step-daughter) say's. So we did order pizza. Buttttt instead of ordering a whole pie like we usually do, I just ordered what I knew they were going to eat and 1 slice for myself. I must say I always had to eat at least 2 slices to get full and with that 1 slice I ate I was extremely satisfied. Saturday for dinner my husband wanted to Chinese food. I ordered myself steamed chicken with garlic sauce, and yesterday for dinner I ate a Greek salad with grilled chicken. As you can see I don't cook on the weekend's. Lmao! Those are my day's off being that I cook all week.

Anywho.... I must say Thank you to Polar for a wonderful award.
So with this award I must tell you 7 thing's about myself :
1. My favorite time of the year is Christmas.
2. I love the cold weather rather than the hot weather. (this might change due to drastic weight loss) lol :o)
3. I am a self taught cake decorator.
4. I yearn for the day to have a child of my own.
5. I love NYC!!! If I was a single woman that's where I would be living.
6. I am of Puerto Rican descent but have never been to Puerto Rico and do not speak spanish.
7. I have a serious earring addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I am off to the gym, again. Then off to enjoy the lovely sunny day that it is...
I'll post again later this evening!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Freakin Fantabolous!!!

So I weighed in again this morning just like the last 3 Friday morning's, and woo-hoooo I feel freaking fantabolous! Another 3.5lb's gone! I'm so happy this is actually working. I have never felt greater. It's the most awesomest feeling to know that I'm doing this all by myself, alone, absolutely no help and I'm doing it!!!! Polar's mom I'll be right along with you next summer in our slinky bikini's, lmao! Anyhow I'm baking away like a usual Friday morning. Have a big order that's due tomorrow so that's what my Friday night is looking like.  As soon as I'm done baking I gotta run my big butt to the gym. I'll talk to you guy's later!